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Please fill out the form below to begin the process of setting up your account. Tool will let us know if you need anything special, and we will work with them to provide everything they need to make your site launch as easy as possible.

Payment Method:

We will automatically bill your credit card or checking account each month. You will need to fill out and return our automatic payment authorization form immediately.

We will send you an invoice once your site is live (or 45 days from today), and every 6 months thereafter.

We will send you an invoice once your site is live (or 45 days from today), and every 13 months thereafter for the amount equal to 12 months of service.

Domain name registration:

year(s) If you'd like the domain name you specified above registered, or the managing of that domain name registration transferred to New Media One, please specify how many years you'd like to register or extend it for. In order for New Media One to manage an already registered domain, we have to add a least one year to the existing registration. Transferring your domain DOES NOT invalidate any registration time you have already paid for, so you won't loose any time you've already paid for if you transfer your domain. Fees for domain name registration are $20/year, or $85 for 5 years. (Our domain name registration service includes "Privacy Protect" for free. Also note that we register ALL domains under YOUR company. If we transfer your domain registration to us, and your company is NOT listed as the owner, we will immediately change registered owner to your name.)

Encryption (SSL) Option:

(Includes installation) SSL allows your website to accept information securely from users, by encrypting the information sent through your web page. This option is required if your site will accept credit card numbers or other sensitive information from your users. We will purchase and instal a SSL 123 certificate for, or transfer your existing certificate for you if you already have one. Before purchasing the SSL certificate we will check your existing site for an existing certificate, and confirm with Tool Studios that you need one for your site.